Hi, I’m Quentin and I like to understand how things work and to build stuff.

Profile picture

I’m a senior software engineer aiming to find elegant solutions to solve problems. I have a background in automated testing, machine learning, data-flow architecture and distributed computing.

As you can see below (or on my Instagram), I also have a creative side. I enjoy drawing comic strips and illustrations. It is a funny way to put my (weird) ideas on paper.

A small knight trying to break a dragon shaped piñata with his sword

Lately, I’ve developed a big interest in woodworking with handtools. It’s a relaxing and rewarding activity where I use tools like smoothing planes, router planes, dovetail saws, and swing braces to craft objects and furnitures. For more technical projects, I also own a 3D printer and a laser cutter, which allows me to prototype and iterate on my designs quickly.

I’m a curious and skillful individual who enjoys exploring new domains and challenging myself in various ways.