In September I received my brand new Prusa MK3S kit. I won’t explain the assembly process, it’s really well documented on the Prusa website. Just for the note, it took me around 2 days to build it.

I’ve decided to purchase this 3D printer to be able to print at home some jigs or small tools for my workshop. I know that FDM doesn’t create the smoothest surface. But for workshop pieces, I don’t care about the aesthetic of the printed pieces, as long as it is sturdy and the dimensions are OK. That’s why I also bought a 0.6mm nozzle to replace the standard 0.4mm one and speed up the printing time.

Here are some pictures of the 3D printer and the first pieces made with it1.

The Prusa MK3S
The Prusa MK3S
The calibration cube
A calibration cube
Wood assembly jig
A jig for wood assembly
A fume extractor for soldering
A fume extractor when I use my soldering iron

  1. the calibration cube comes from ↩︎