For the past month, I did one job: preparing the main room of our new house before moving in. We wanted to remove a wall and install new kitchen cabinets. But this decision implied a lot of work: remove the previous kitchen, break a wall, move some electric plugs and switches, replace the flooring, install the new kitchen, redo the ceiling and finally repaint all the room.

All these steps are not done yet, but we were all clear to move in during November. The floor is installed which is essential to put our furniture. For the next months, we will install the kitchen, do some plastering and painting, and enjoy our rest.

Wall demolition
Demolition time
Main room without the wall
The entrance is now part of the main room
Main room without the flooring
To put the new floor, we need to remove the old one
Installation of the new floor
Installation of the new floor
Main room after moving in
We are in! But we really need to tidy up :)

Update 2020-06-01:

After some months, here is the (nearly) finished main room. We still have to add tiles on the kitchen walls above the worktop.

Nearly finished main room
It looks better now!

Update 2021-06-26:

This year we’ve decided to leave the Normandy and move to Angers. So here is the final state of the main room.

Final main room
It is a bit sad to leave this place