Why can't I simply choose a regular keyboard?!?

Instead of only working from home and being alone with my desk, I decided at the beginning of the year to be unfaithful to it and rent another one in a co-working space in Angers. For this new place, I wanted to have a nice desk setup because I don’t like working directly on my laptop when I can work with a monitor, a mouse and a keyboard. I already had a monitor and a mouse I could use, but not a keyboard....

September 17, 2022 · 3 min

The Big Button Printer

I created a simple yet functional device that features a single button on the top, a printer, and an ESP8266 with WiFi. The purpose of this machine is to print entertaining content, such as short stories or games, with just a single button press. I imagined this device to be installed in shared spaces, allowing people to take a break.

June 22, 2022 · 1 min

A "Machine à Questions" for my wedding

This year for my wedding, I decided to create the “Machine à Questions”, or the quiz Box. My wife and I wanted to make a fun activity for our guests. Something surprising and leaving them with a good memory they will remember. The core idea was to create a quiz about our couple but without using high-tech like an Ipad. We find it too standard, and that is just not who we are....

August 4, 2018 · 6 min